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Break a new ground and be part of Singapore inspiring and creative videographer community. Join us to feel empowered to take your professional videographer business to the next level.

We provide videography services in Singapore and our primary focus is Corporate Videos and Events but we also work on Personal Events like Wedding and Birthday Party. Make the most of your Videography talent and works. We will market and sell your videography business to our customers. These are the five core values we look for when partnering with local and talented professional videographers.

1. Be awesome
2. Be ethical and professional
3. Be creative and talented
4. Passionate on what you do

Professional requirements:
1. At least one year of videography experience is required.
2. An online portfolio showcasing skills in composition and creativity are recommended.
3. As a professional videographer, you are free to take on assignments from other companies.

Our Fee to Videographer:
25% commission of total cost of videography project. It is advisable for Videographer to revise the service rate accordingly.
It will take 7-14 working days to transfer the payment to Videographer after customer accepted the completed works and make the payment.

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