Sign up as our Emcee

If you are a seasoned speaker or have a bold personality and like to share your spirit – this is for you. We invite you to “man the microphone”  for our customer’s events.

Our customers will usually provide the emcee with an event draft outline ahead of the event for review. Event Emcees will perform microphone and announcement duties during events for such as but not limited to; event-specific details, drawing and giveaways, award recognition’s and more.

Benefit of signing up as our Emcee

1. We let you focus on your great work and leave the marketing to us.
2. Watch your bookings and Emcee income grow from the exposure in a unique capacity to potential clients.
3. Showcase your personality to a crowd of executives and place yourself in the spotlight of attendees.

Ready to get your voice heard. Sign up as our Emcee today and showcase your talent to potential customers.

Our Fee to Emcee:
25% commission of total cost of Emcee project. It is advisable for Emcee to revise the service rate accordingly.
It will take 7-14 working days to transfer the payment to Emcee after project completed and customer make the payment.

If you already applied and require information about your application status please email us at and our Coordinator will be able to assist you.